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XMINNOV - Worldwide RFID Label Manufacturer - Security Sticker - Customized Tag

XMinnov is locates in Xiamen of China who is specialized in leading research, production and sales of special spare part & materials for IOT RFID application,hundrend percent are focusing on customized development for security needs,our goals are:

Xminnov has the excellent R & D team, a complete R & D equipment system, our own intellectual property rights of innovative products etc.With continuous efforts and innovation, we have received nearly 100 patents and honorary certificates at home and abroad.

Xminnov's one stop service of RFID security solution includes research and development, production, personalized services, hardware and software development etc.

Business covers all kinds of RFID tags, RFID readers and application management system, especially our patent products-RFID destructive Break On Removal (BOR) anti-tamper electronic tag, RFID anti-counterfeiting electronic tag, RFID fragile anti-transfer electronic tag etc, which are widely used for commodity traceability, security identification, vehicle inspection, vehicle insurance management, Electronic toll collection, e-parking, item sealing and ticket management etc.

Their high resolution/accuracy eching technology is designed for small NFC tags,NFC Labels, RFID tags, RFID Labels, finished items popularly used for wearable devices like NFC smart bluetooth, NFC wristband, NFC jewelry, NFC pay figure, NFC speaker, NFC DVD palyer, NFC television, NFC security access control, NFC key fob security, NFC touchscreen, NFC multi-media machine, RFID payment, Electronic Toll Collection, RFID E-Parking and so on.

Patented RFID micro pocket ear-jack reader for smart device is finished design and released in the year 2011, with it,your smart phone becomes a normal NFC HF or UHF reader without computer or laptop. It opened a new way to study practice of RFID application.

Their rich supporting industry chain begins with a series of personalized proliferation of raw material,R & D, production, label design & selection, antenna design and manufacturing, flip-chip, label lamination, label die-cut, quality inspection, label pre-coding, label printing, data encryption service.

Basic on one stop service of RFID security solution, provide customize design and solve problems for customers all over the world. Xminnov get the high satisfactory in different security application.

Xminnov's Culture: Continuous Innovations Make Human Life Full Of Wisdom.

They're pleasure to have you as their exclusive partner with long term cooperation,  OEM/ODM/SDK and terms of FOB, CIF, EX-works and so on all available to support.